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C-Quest Capital & Macquarie Joint Marketing Arrangement.

We are pleased to announce an agreement between Macquarie Group and C-Quest Capital (CQC) for a Joint Marketing Arrangement (JMA) for the distribution of high-quality carbon credits into the growing Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM). This arrangement extends the relationship between the parties from co-investment in the development of cookstove carbon projects to downstream distribution. The JMA involves marketing through several leading retailers acting as Sub-Distributors across all major OECD markets as well as direct marketing by Macquarie and CQC’s own teams.
The initial focus is on the distribution of ultra-high quality cookstove carbon credits. Each cookstove carbon credit will be generated as a Verified Carbon Unit with between 8 and 11 associated Sustainable Development Goal co-benefits independently verified under Verra’s SD Vista program.   

Macquarie and CQC intend that this platform become a pivotal source of high-quality, differentiated carbon offsets for the market. The combination of CQC’s impact focus and delivery track record along with Macquarie’s A-rated risk management and quality control culture provide a genuinely differentiated, robust and high-integrity way to make a difference - now.  

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Local Stakeholder Feedback Requested for Improved Stove Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

C-Quest Capital is developing improved stove projects in Angola through VERRA/ Voluntary Carbon Regulations (VCS) and seeks to obtain Voluntary Carbon Units (VCUs). By distributing and installing our energy-efficient stoves, we seek to reduce the use of non-renewable biomass for cooking and boiling water in households, particularly in rural areas. To better design these projects, C-Quest Capital is asking for feedback through an online consultation process with stakeholders seeking to gather comments and suggestions. Feedback for the proposed projects will be collected from 15 July to 15 August 2021.

Detailed information on projects can be found below. Please give your feedback in the form below.