C-Quest Capital Announces Partnership with Macquarie to Expand Efforts on Cleaner Cooking in Africa

C-Quest Capital is pleased to announce a collaboration with Macquarie Group Ltd (“Macquarie”) under which the two firms will fund and deploy clean, efficient cookstoves to one million rural households across Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania. This investment will improve the health and well-being of over five million people, with the greatest benefits flowing to women, girls and infants who will spend less time carrying firewood over long distances and be less exposed to toxic air pollution from open fires.

CQC’s preferred rural stoves project standard is two stoves per household to decrease user fallback on three-stone fires as backups. Increased fenestration, half-wall kitchens or well-protected external cooking spaces are also fundamental components our field partners evaluate at the time of installation. A minimum of one visit per year by trained staff to each household to help repair, maintain and ensure good use of the rocket stoves provided is essential to hitting complete adoption rates in the targeted areas.

Over the next decade, this investment will deliver over 40 million high quality carbon credits with verified Sustainable Development Contributions to the Voluntary Carbon Market. It is the first leg of a three-pronged program to transform the lives of low-income communities across Sub-Saharan Africa at scale, and more announcements will be made over the coming months.


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