C-Quest Capital & Macquarie Joint Marketing Arrangement.

We are pleased to announce an agreement between Macquarie Group and C-Quest Capital (CQC) for a Joint Marketing Arrangement (JMA) for the distribution of high-quality carbon credits into the growing Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM). This arrangement extends the relationship between the parties from co-investment in the development of cookstove carbon projects to downstream distribution. The JMA involves marketing through several leading retailers acting as Sub-Distributors across all major OECD markets as well as direct marketing by Macquarie and CQC’s own teams. The initial focus is on the distribution of ultra-high quality cookstove carbon credits. Each cookstove carbon credit will be generated as a Verified Carbon Unit with between 8 and 11 associated Sustainable Development Goal co-benefits independently verified under Verra’s SD Vista program.

Macquarie and CQC intend that this platform become a pivotal source of high-quality, differentiated carbon offsets for the market. The combination of CQC’s impact focus and delivery track record along with Macquarie’s A-rated risk management and quality control culture provide a genuinely differentiated, robust and high-integrity way to make a difference - now.


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