Cleaner Cooking in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is in urgent need of a clean efficient cookstove program for both rural and urban consumers. Over the course of the last year, power supply to urban areas has been curtailed to 5 hours supply from 10pm to 3am and LPG supply has dried up for all except the rich. Firewood, (once the fuel of the rural poor) is now commonly used as a cooking fuel in urban areas, even by the middle class. In 2019, CQC laid the foundation for a large rural stoves program in Zimbabwe obtaining Government approval and submitting a proposal to the KliK Foundation for support for a 200,000-stove program. A pilot has been built in Kambarami Village in Murewha near Harare and an independent assessment of consumer acceptance showed huge support for the technology. Plans have been made to develop a large scale expansion under one or other of CQC’s programs by Q4 2020.


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