CQC to Deploy 10,000 Jet-Flame Kits Across SSA

C-Quest Capital (CQC) and Ener-G-Africa (EGA) have purchased 10,000 Jet-Flame Kits, a combustion accessory that cleans up emissions in wood burning cook stoves. The Jet-Flame and the solar panels and batteries to power it will be assembled and built in the EGA factory in Lilongwe, Malawi. The Jet-Flame was designed by the Gates funded Global Health Laboratories, Aprovecho Research Center, and Shengzhou Stove Manufacturer. It is the first low cost insert that can be used in almost all homemade cookstoves while cleanly burning many types of readily available fuels. For more information, please visit:

Ken Newcombe, CEO of CQC, says "the combination of the Jet-Flame, solar panel and battery kit provides energy for super-fast clean cooking as well as a USB port to charge a cell phone and a light, offered to rural families for less than even the lowest priced fan-assisted cookstoves on the market today.” Users of the Jet-Flame also breathe dramatically less smoke and gas that severely damage health.

EGA will assemble the Jet-Flames in its new factory where it will also manufacture 10W, 20W, and 50W solar panels. CQC has purchased 10,000 Jet-Flames and together with EGA expects to sell 50,000 Jet-Flame kits in 2022 and 2023, building to 100,000 per year thereafter in Southern and Eastern Africa. Promising Jet-Flame marketing trials are underway in Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda and Zimbabwe which will drive sales outside of Malawi and providing clean energy access for the rest of the markets across SSA.


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