Distribution of ONIL Stoves - Guatemala

Location: Guatemala (Rural) Duration: 2012 - present Partner: HELPS International Carbon Standard: United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) (PoA 8480)

The majority of Guatemalan households continue to cook their meals in the traditional way - on a three-stone fire in an indoor pit. These open fires cause respiratory problems and burns, and because they are so inefficient, the high demand for fuel to supply them contributes to deforestation. We are working with HELPS International to use carbon finance to leverage market share of the high-efficiency ONIL cookstoves throughout Guatemala.

  • The HELPs International stove program in Guatemala is designed to reach over 350,000 households over the next decade.

  • Hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans have already benefited by replacing their inefficient and smoky planchas with an ONIL stove;

  • Each ICS eliminates close to 4 tons of CO₂ per year.

  • The Story of the ONIL Stove

  • HELPS International HELPS is a Texas-based NGO committed to assisting the rural population of the developing world through education, healthcare, economic development and home transformation utilizing ONIL products. HELPS International’s first program was in Guatemala in 1984. Today, HELPS also operates in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico, where it partners with CQC.


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