Household Appliance Distribution in Lao PDR – CPA003

Location: Lao PDR (Rural) Duration: 2018 - present Partner: Civitas Carbon Standard: United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) (PoA 10030)

  • The objective of the project is to reduce non-renewable biomass consumption for cooking and water boiling, therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions, by introducing more energy efficient cookstove model in firewood using households in Lao PDR.

  • The project activity is a CPA under Differ Cookstove AS’s registered CDM PoA 10030: Household Energy Appliance Programme.

  • C-Quest Capital LLC (USA) is 50% shareholder of Differ Cookstoves AS and will manage the PoA. Civitas (Laos) will implement the program on the ground. Ecoeye Co., Ltd. and Korean Zinc (Korea) are the investors.

  • This specific project supports the installation and maintenance of an imported energy efficient cookstove, SSM 32-13 from China. The project is open to other stoves as well.

  • C-Quest Capital LLC (“CQC”) and Civitas will coordinate the installation and monitoring of SSM S32-13 in rural households where the baseline stove is an iron tri-pod or three-stone fire or other form of open fire for cooking. The target number of households to receive the stoves is 100,000.


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