Local Stakeholder Feedback Requested for "Cleaner Cooking Solutions Program" in Cambodia

C-Quest Capital as the Project Developer would like to request local stakeholders in Cambodia to provide feedback on their proposed carbon finance Programme of Activities “Cleaner Cooking Solutions Program”. The proposed project/PoA will have project activities in Cambodia and is open to other countries to be added at a later time. The project/PoA will be developed under either the Clean Development Mechanism and/or VERRA and seeks to obtain Certified Emissions Reductions / Voluntary Carbon Units. The project/PoA aims to disseminate energy efficient cooking appliances combined with renewable sources of biomass such as pellets made from locally available agricultural residues and/or sawdust from sustainable sources, which can significantly reduce the dependency on Cambodia’s precious natural resources, and in addition contribute to improved health outcomes for the public as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cooking. Carbon finance will be used to increase the availability and affordability of improved cookstoves combined with biomass fuel pellets in Cambodia.

Feedback on the proposed program will be collected from 20 April to 20 May 2020.

Please provide feedback through the Contact Us form.

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