ONIL Stoves in Guatemala and Mexico

Rural and indigenous people in Guatemala and Mexico have traditionally cooked their meals inside, using a three-stone fire. Today, the most disadvantaged households continue to use these open fires for cooking. They cause respiratory problems and burns, and because they are so inefficient, the high demand for fuel to supply them contributes to deforestation. CQC is working with HELPS International in Guatemala and Fuego Limpio in Mexico, to provide high-efficiency plancha style cookstoves, called ONIL Stoves, to these rural families.

Each stove is expected to eliminate about approximately 3 to 4 tons of CO₂ per year, depending on the model and state of repair. Both HELPS International and Fuego Limpio manufacture their own version of the ONIL stove to suit the local markets they serve. In 2017, CQC and Fuego Limpio collaborated to verify and achieve issuance of 75,000 Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) purchased by the British Petroleum (BP) Target Neutral Program. Also in 2017, CQC and HELPS International partnered to verify and issue 254,000 VCUs for the voluntary market. In October 2017, CQC and its Korean investment partners launched a 100,000 three-year ONIL cookstove investment program to deliver high development impact Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) into the Korean compliance market.


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